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Pretty Neat has been a centerpiece of my life for 6+ years now, and I am so thankful for the clients and collaborators I’ve been invited to work with in this time.  I have learned so much, laughed so hard, and felt the pain of clients’ grief, trauma, loss, overwhelm, and life transitions.


After much thought and examination, I am choosing to step away from organizing and owning a business at the end of August 2021.  I am happy to share that I have been accepted into a graduate program to be an elementary education teacher and will start a full-time placement in September in a 5th grade classroom.


I have loved hearing your stories, getting to know your families and homes, and of course, sorting through your piles of papers, clothing, and stuff. :) I feel so blessed that I was invited in and trusted, and know how much I cherish that trust and love that I recieved from you.


I am really excited for this new stage in my life and the new challenges that will be coming with it, but I am truly sad to be cutting ties with clients and not finishing the projects we started.  If you need assistance finishing things up or starting another area of your home, I recommend you contact my friend and local colleague Liz Halvorsen of Mess to Bliss.  She is kind, upbeat, super effective and I know she will take care of you just like I would.  


Liz can be reached at 518-407-3197 or emailed at


Thank you for being a blessing to me and my family, and for all the kindness and support you’ve shown me in our sessions together.

Pretty Neat Home Organizing can help you declutter, organize, refresh and reclaim the areas in your house that weigh you down.


Pretty Neat can transform how you live in your home.

You look at pictures on Pinterest and drool over the sleek, organized spaces.  Closets, kitchens, bedrooms, offices- all with everything in its place and ready to enjoy.  You can have those types of spaces in your own home- free from clutter, jumbled piles and hard to clean surfaces. We can get you there!

  • Do you avoid having people over to your home?

  • Do your closets or cabinets make you feel bad every time you open them?

  • Have you moved and just never got everything in its right spot?

  • Are you looking to downsize and need to shed years of belongings?

Don't spend another month in your home unhappy about how it looks and functions.​

Kitchen with Marble Island

How We Work:


I come to your home and look at your spaces.  We develop a plan of action based on your goals and schedule our first sessions.

Fee: $50

Time: 45-60 minutes

If you choose to hire me, the consultation fee is applied to your first hour of decluttering.


My team and I come in to start transforming your space.  You decide what can go and what stays, and we carefully match the volume of items to the space you have, making sure your goals will be met.  We guide you through the process of letting go.

Virtual organizing services over Zoom or  FaceTime also available.

Fee: $65/hour for Cheryl

         $60/hour for each team member


Time: Three hour minimum per session

(in person)

One hour minimum per session 



Here's where the magic happens! The last stage is organizing the items in a way that is functional and beautiful.  We use bins, baskets, labels, and other tricks to make your space calm, happy and pretty neat.

Fee: $65/hour for Cheryl

         $60/hour for each team member


Time: Three hour minimum per session 

Life with an Organized Home

  • Feel the weight lifted off your shoulders

  • No more frantically searching for lost or misplaced items

  • Freedom to entertain friends and family without embarrassment

  • Spaces that smile at you when you open the door or walk into the room

  • Pride in your home and belongings

  • Time to concentrate on other projects, hobbies and activities

Pretty Neat Home Organizing is your partner in making your house a clean, organized, functional home.  We are here to guide you through the process of decision making and curating your belongings to create a comfortable space to live your best life and make memories with your loved ones.  Organizing your home is an investment of time and resources, but so worth the end result: a freedom to stop struggling, stop wishing, stop beating yourself up that spaces are messy or out of control.

We are insured and have 5+ years of experience helping clients just like you achieve their goals for their home.  Whether you are moving, downsizing, or organizing your current home, we guide you through the process with care and understanding and a great aesthetic eye for the final result.  Be proud. Make your house a Pretty Neat home.

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Re-launching in mid- 2021!

Right now our cleaning service is closed as we focus on our own families. We look forward to reopening and serving you family in the future.


 The best thing to do after organizing your home is to have it deep cleaned.

We are proud to offer an all- natural cleaning service that is kid-, pet- and allergy-friendly.

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