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Mission Statement

Pretty Neat Home Organizing strives to be the Capital Region's premiere professional organizing company to organize, clean, reclaim and refresh client spaces.

Pretty Neat organizers provide support, advice & structure to clients and are passionate & knowledgeable about best organizing practices and products and safe, eco-friendly cleaning products.

Pretty Neat organizers focus on nonjudgement and confidentiality while extending grace & compassion to those who feel undeserving.

Pretty Neat organizers achieve client- directed goals that make client spaces function and, of course, Pretty Neat!

The Pretty Neat Manifesto

We believe...

  • that all people deserve to be in control of their belongings

  • that many factors lead to a cluttered home, and laziness isn't one of them

  • that no one should be judged or shamed because of their home

  • that our job is to extend grace and love to those who feel unloveable and ashamed

  • that being in control of your home spills into being in better control of your emotional, social, financial, spiritual, and physical health & well being

  • that picking up around the house a little each day makes a huge difference

  • that like items are happiest when stored together

  • that routines help everything work better

  • that we serve as cheerleaders, advice givers and structure providers for decluttering and making spaces Pretty Neat.