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Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning

In the hopes of helping clients feel even more comfortable in their homes, I also own Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning… a chemical free, child and pet friendly cleaning service that can provide you with one-time deep cleans and/or ongoing cleaning services.


Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning utilizes the best products on the market to naturally clean your home without caustic chemicals, overbearing scents, and possibly dangerous cleaning solutions. Instead, we use high-end microfiber cloths, microfiber mops, dusting mitts, natural plant derivatives and plain water to make your home shine.  In addition, we use our own all-purpose spray recipes of water and essential oils like Thieves (a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary and eucalyptus), lemon, or lavender to provide you with a fresh, clean scent… that will never make you cough or wheeze or burn your eyes or skin.


It's completely safe for infants, children, pets and allergy sufferers!  We even have a dedicated pet-free vacuum for those allergic to animals.

Price: $45/per cleaner per hour

  • First book your free consultation

  • Do a walk through with our experienced cleaner

  • Establish what you'd like done and any a la carte items you'd like to add

  • First Cleaning is always a deep cleaning

  • Determine your desired cleaning frequency

  • All payment is through online invoicing and credit or debit card- hassle free!

  • Move In/ Move Out Cleanings available

Want to have Norwex products in your house for you to use?

You love the clean that the Norwex products give your home, but don't want to wait until Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning comes again.... no worries!

We are Norwex consultants and can give you suggestions of what products you need to handle spills or messes in between cleanings. Norwex also has lines of personal care products, laundry detergent (IT'S AMAZING!) and more to fully transform your home in to a chemical-free Safe Haven. You can buy directly from us and we'll deliver it to you.  Just ask!

Proudly featuring

Norwex products