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Eye Candy: A Pretty Neat Garage.

I had the pleasure of working on and finishing a great garage project this week!

Goals: go through all the boxes and bags, keep important items and purge the rest; make a neat pile for a Spring garage sale; place remaining items in covered, labelled bins; make each bin easy to manage, size and weight- wise.

Total Time: 9 hours

Total Garbage bags to the dump: 15

Here are the before pics:

Back Wall- 2 shelving units

Close up- left shelving unit

Close up- right shelving unit

Left wall - One shelving unit

Back wall, right side - shelves

And now, after rock-star level purging action by the client, here we have the blessed after shots:

Left side - Shelving unit, purged, sorted, binned and labelled. Heaven!

A close up of that left side shelving...

Back wall - 2 shelving units purged, sorted, binned, and labelled.

We discovered some beautiful glasses being stored in plastic bags on these shelves, so we wrapped them in bubble wrap and gave them a sturdy bin to live in.

All the client's papergoods are now sorted and organized by season. No more digging through too-deep bins and boxes.

Back wall shelves- purged and organized. The bottom three shelves are now used to store garage sale items until the spring.

Ahhh.... Imagine your garage looked like this!!

My client is thrilled and says every time she goes out the door she feels lighter and so happy. Bravo to her for her hard work and great result!

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