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Eye Candy: A Refreshed Office.

Right before Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to refresh a client's home office space. It had beautiful bones: a large, rectangular room with a whole wall of gorgeous built-in bookcases, hardwood flooring, and crown molding. The office was a mix of adult space and kids' play space and the goal was just to minimize the kids' toys while refreshing the bookshelves with some new accent pieces.

Hours of work: 3, plus two hours pre-session for shopping

Garbage bags tossed: 2

Toys and books donated: 2 large bins full

Here are the before and after pics:

We cleared out all the toys in front of this lovely double window. Better already!

Bookshelves before:

(Just so you know, I pixelated the framed photos in the bookshelves for privacy reasons... so parts of the pictures look a little strange.)

... and now the after:

Close up of some of the storage and decorative pieces I brought for her. I love how the baskets hold AND hide the legos, blocks and action figures. A little touch of greenery always freshens up the space. The top shelves have most of the new decorative pieces and the lower shelves have the baskets with easy access for the kids to grab their toys.

Her crafty daughter's desk before and after:

I even hot glue-gunned the basket top on the left of the desk... some of the rope was peeling off and I glued it back together. I'm full service like that. It is a great, functional piece that's been restored to its former glory. After I took this picture we found spaces to hold the pile of items on the right of the desk so it was mostly cleared off.

I made a pretty little caddy for her daughter with all new pencils, markers, crayons, and colored pencils. It's built on a bamboo lazy susan and the tins are attached with magnets, so if she wants to remove one tin and take it with her, she can. (This is a copied idea from Pinterest- not my own!) Wouldn't you love a pretty caddy like this for yourself?


1. It IS possible to combine kid spaces and adult spaces harmoniously with the right storage pieces.

2. Baskets are your friends- they provide storage, visual texture, and a cohesive look.

3. Sometimes you just need a few hours and a person working with you to make a room shine!

What a pleasure it was to shop for and refresh this home office!

If you have a home office/work area that could use some better organization and design help, I'd love to work with you!

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