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Eye Candy: A Styled Hutch.

I worked on a great, quick, satisfying project recently. A new client contacted me, fresh from purchasing a new set of gorgeous Portmeirion dishes, and was looking for help styling them inside her hutch. She had a few other pieces that she wanted to incorporate into the hutch, some that were merely decorative and others that had deep sentimental value.

Goals: arrange the dishes so they looked pleasing to the eye with the hutch doors open OR closed and were easy to access... stacks of dishes can get pretty heavy.

Time: 1 hour

Garbage bags of stuff to toss: none :)

Here is a before pic:

And after playing around with things for bit, discussing with the client which pieces were important, and a fair bit of drooling on my part over the gorgeous florals on the plates, we arrived at this:

I had a few ideas that I shared with her about adding some texture to the hutch items with small, natural decorative touches (like some grapevine balls or moss covered balls in a bowl) and a bit of greenery. We want the space to look fresher and updated but still respect the clearly traditional bones of the dishes and hutch.

We also talked about adding a centerpiece to her dining room table. I had pulled together some images off of Pinterest for her and created a PRETTY NEAT Centerpieces board for her to compare and contrast different options. She found some she liked and I gave her ideas of how to recreate the look she was going for and where to shop. Later that evening, she emailed me a picture of her finished new centerpiece.

Success! She was thrilled and I was so happy for her.

Take aways from this project:

1. You don't have to spend hours of time or tons of money to change the feel of a room.

2. You can make things look updated without having to get all new furniture. Respect the old and work with it for best results.

3. Pinterest has so, so many great ideas and I can help you cull together a board of what you like and we can recreate it.

4. I really love those dishes. :)

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