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Where Are All the Pretty Pictures, Cheryl?

So it's been over a month since I last posted about projects I'm working on, and since then, I've been pretty silent on the blog here.

But it's not because I'm not working on amazing, fun, interesting projects. A few weeks ago my business hit a milestone where I am now working on average 4 days per week, which is a great place to be.

It's just that I am mostly working on projects that aren't exactly photo-opp ready.

But just to fill you in, here are some things I'm working on with clients:

- a whole house clean-out with a lovely client who is making amazing progress reclaiming her home.

- developing a paper filing system for an elderly client and going through decades of old paperwork.

- helping a client clean out her basement, a bedroom, and her garage to prep her house for sale.

- decluttering several rooms and repurposing spaces in a client's home.

- assisting an artist take control of her art projects scattered around the house, and rethinking her art spaces in a bedroom and basement.

- working with a client who is repurposing a huge attic space and setting up a home office for herself and a playroom for her daughter.

- working with a family looking to refresh their finished basement and make it more older-kid-friendly for their growing sons.

- helping a male client cozy- and pretty-up his temporary apartment while he is working here away from his family.

- finishing up a pantry re-do for a recurring client that I have just some final details to take care of.

Some of these clients are not comfortable getting pictures taken of their spaces. And sometimes the spaces are not terribly exciting... like a picture of a filing cabinet drawer. Some I just have to finish an actual space before I can share the glorious after pics.

But be patient, my friends! I will have some before and afters probably next week.

I recently signed up on the website Thumbtack to offer my services in organizing and home design. I spent quite a bit of time putting my profile together and I have had a few contacts with people looking to hire me to help them. Still waiting for my first official job offer.

In my own house, I am working on a photo/frame picture project for my own bedroom that has been in progress for months and I am just beginning to think about tackling my own hallway linen closet disaster. THAT will provide great pictures for sure, and another Organizer, Organize Thyself post. And some embarrassment for me.

We are also 90% done with a master bath mini-makeover and I will have wonderful pictures to share of that.

And speaking of pictures, I am thinking/planning/dreaming of a photo organization project for our family photos from about 2003- present. I'm looking at the Project Life products as a good system to quickly, easily but prettily organize the thousands of pictures I've taken of my babies these last 14 years. I'm not going to lie- it's daunting to think about. But I feel like it must be done to honor our memories and to give me a good working experience with the products so I could possibly help others go through the photo organization process. (Photo organizing is a niche business within professional organizing and one that I think that will catch on in popularity.)

So hang in there and stay tuned... Organizational beauty is coming henceforth.

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