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Happy New Year!

Don't you love the start of a fresh new year? There's just something so cleansing... putting away the excesses of the holiday season and getting back to the business of everyday life.

October and November were my busiest months since I started my business and boy did I work with some amazing clients. I also delved quite heavily into the Planner World Subculture, and learned tons of new things... like how much of a subculture it is, with Etsy shops and Facebook pages and Instagram accounts and its own abbreviations and heated discussions about whether vertical or horizontal planners are most effective. Whew. More on that in another post!

For now, feast your eyes on these Before and After pics of a client I worked with in November.

We've been working in her bedroom and living room, and she''s been amazing at purging and donating things she doesn't need. We moved onto her Dining Room, which served as a storage area and catch-all for dishes, mail, gifts, and a Christmas wrapping station. I'd been chomping at the bit to work on this area since the first time I met her.

So here is the before:

She lives in a lovely house and owns beautiful furniture. She has a great eye for pretty, cozy things and I couldn't wait to show it off!

And after a few hours, I found this gorgeous room:

Can you stand it? Don't you want to immediately host a dinner party in there?

This space was tremendously helped by having this underutilized wood hutch in the neighboring Living Room (another cozy room with beautiful furniture!). I was able to better space plan the shelving, keeping in mind the weight of objects (heaviest items at chest or waist level, none too high or too low).

So we started with this:

And ended up with this:

Included in here are sentimental dishes of her mom's that had previously been boxed up, some darling teacups, serving pieces, chargers and salad bowls. Here's the bottom cabinet:

My client was thrilled to have to have reclaimed this space and I was beyond excited to whip it into shape for her!

Then we moved up to the upstairs hallway linen closet.


They are my favorite thing in the world to organize. Especially when they have beautiful, thick towels living in there, just waiting to be lovingly refolded and organized.

My client had already bought the bins and gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted.

This was my starting point:

I emptied it all out, started sorting, purging and refolding, and eventually came up with this:

EEEKKK!! So pretty!!

Top shelves are towels, bottom shelves are sheet sets. Bottom basket holds an extra throw blanket and beach towels. I even temporarily labelled the bins and shelves so she and her husband could find exactly what they needed.

Also included in there were placemats, napkins, and other table linens, and I relocated them downstairs in to the LR hutch drawers.

Piece by piece, area by area, we are transforming her home into the beautiful, functional space she deserves! Pretty Neat!

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