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Organizer, Organize Thyself: Week 1, Part A

Are you familiar with A Bowl Full of Lemons? It's a pretty fantastic website with ideas and beautiful pictures of organizing, cleaning and decorating ideas for the home. The woman who runs it has a beautiful eye for clean, crisp spaces and even wrote a book compiling all her best organizing ideas that came out last year and I happened to find under my Christmas tree this December 25th... after I ordered it for myself.

The website sponsors a 14-Week Organizing Challenge that takes you through every room/area of your home and I decided to jump in and try it out in my own home and report to y'all what the results are each week.

So Week 1 has you starting right in a very challenging spot: the kitchen. The instructions are to empty every cabinet and drawer, clean it out, purge the items you no longer want, group like items together, and place them back into your cabinets and drawers in an organized fashion. Easy-peasy, right?

Well, this is a HUGE challenge. Due to the fact that A) my kitchen is not that bad, B) I don't have the time to do that, C) it all sounds horribly overwhelming (...and I do this FOR A LIVING!), and D) I didn't want to, I chose to instead focus on a few specific drawers and areas and try to make an improvement in both organization and function. The first area I wanted to tackle was under my kitchen sink.

Brace yourself: it's bad under there. Like when my clients jokingly say to me, Your house must be perfect! I internally cringe thinking about this space. It was on my January To-Do list to tackle. I promise.

Sooooo bad.

So one late afternoon I plopped myself down, opened up my undersink cabinet, and eewwwww... water. Everywhere.

See that lovely drop of water hanging off the bottom of the black pipe?

To make a long story short, we unknowingly had cracked pipes that dripped and a garbage disposal with a pinpoint hole in it that lovingly sprayed water all inside the cabinet whenever the dishwasher drained. So we had to get it all replaced, which obviously delayed my progress a few days, and increased the overall cost of this project by quite a bit.

Here's my new disposal and a fan running to help dry it all out. The bottom of the cabinet was damp but not ruined.

In the meantime, I looked at the link from A Bowl Full of Lemons about undersink cabinet organization, and discovered my new Internet BFF... At Home With Nikki. Nikki has a YouTube channel of absolutely incredible videos about organizing spaces in her home, her purse, her work bag, room makeovers, everything. She is incredible. I could've written whole blog post just about her.

Nikki has an amazing video on undersink cabinet organization that I've probably watched like four times, studied, took notes on, and then rushed out to buy Every. Single. Item. Breathtaking. So I am still waiting for a few of those items to arrive but am working on putting it all together.

Here it is now, with a new liner, waiting to be beautifully filled and organized.

Meanwhile I did some drawers that needed some love.

This is so embarrassing.

Aaaaannd after:

I even tackled my freezer.

I know it appears that I have some kind of lizard at the bottom of my freezer but I assure you there isn't.

I also assure you that I went grocery shopping after this cleanup and filled it up a bit more. :)

Even Dan got into it and did this great before and after. He was so cute.

After ruthlessly going through my plastic containers and replacing old ones with new ones I got for Christmas, I realized that I still wasn't happy with how they all toppled over when I retrieved one, so I thought about a new place I could put them and did this instead.

Much better. (I consolidated two drawers shown above in the messy stage and made the bottom one my plastic storage. No more crouching down into my awkward corner cabinet and getting frustrated by all of it falling over.)

I thought I was almost done and then we watched another AMAZING Nikki video on how she organizes her kitchen and I made the mistake of showing Dan and Jenna and now everyone's head is spinning with ideas on how to better use all our spaces.

So realistically it will take more than a week to conquer all of the spaces in my kitchen, but I think I can catch up during other weeks... my dining room is completely organized so I have little to do that week.

Stay tuned for my glorious undersink cabinet reveal!!

(Go watch some Nikki videos while you wait!)

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