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Week 1, Part B: Undersink Cabinet Reveal

After several weeks of work, here it is- the after picture:

Let's look back at where we started... (sadly and slowly shakes head with lips pursed, and terrible disappointment)

And I love it!

So functional, so pretty, so full of supplies I need and use... it actually makes me want to clean more often.

I even switched products and tried a bunch from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day brand. They are much more natural/ plant-based and have less chemicals. The bonus is that they all smell so good and Jenna loves cleaning with them. Some of my items that I used before are still under there as I use them up and will be replacing with a Mrs. Meyer's product.

Let me give you a little tour.

On the right side is a brilliant little shelf with pull out drawer (Amazon), which holds a basket (Walmart) on top. In the basket is multi-surface spray concentrate, dish soap, and floor cleaner. In front of the basket is glass cleaner, Windex that I'm using up, and multi surface cleaner. Inside the pullout drawer are dishcloths (Target) for wiping down my counters, table, and appliances; LemiShine dishwasher booster; sink cleanser (a replacement for Comet); and several pretty mason jars (Walmart) that hold SOS scrub pads, disposable gloves, and Magic Erasers. I even have an empty container in case I find another product I can't live without.

Moving to the middle, I have a few modular containers (Target) with dishwasher pods (two containers full), sponges, and extra gloves. In front is a container of hand soap I'm saving for when my current hand soap runs out.

On the left hand side right in front of the new fancy garbage disposal that doesn't spray water out is a cleaning caddy with mostly bathroom cleaning supplies. The caddy is a perfect size and shape and is from Grove Collaborative, which is a website that sells natural cleaning supplies and ships them to your door on a regular basis.

To the far left is another great organizing solution for this space: stackable wire baskets. I bought two from Walmart. The top one holds disinfecting wipes, wood floor cleaner, and a Windex refill bottle. The bottom basket holds extra dishcloths.

We hung up some little Command hooks on the side of the cabinet to hold our oversized grilling tools close at hand but out of the way.

And one of my favorite features is the inside left door, which holds my gloves, a sponge and the sink stopper for the garbage disposal. I love having these items super easy to reach but not out in the open.

I am so happy with my revamp of this space, and owe much credit to the amazing Nikki from At Home with Nikki, whose under-sink cabinet I copied to the best of my ability and budget. :)

Stay tuned for Week 2's challenge results- the Pantry!

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