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Week 1, Part C: A Reveal In Which I Anger My Children

And yet another installment of the A Bowl Full Of Lemons Home Organization Challenge is here, and I'm stiiiiiiiiiillllll working on the kitchen.

See why I was so reluctant to start?

This little project was more a straight decor endeavor and started when I looked up one day and saw the true dusty state of my top-of-the-kitchen-cabinet decorations. Since we've had our fake greenery up there since we moved in 6.5 years ago, I figured it was time for a change to something more updated and less dust-catching.

Here is our starting point:

I have a house that was built in the late 90's, when the cool kids were leaving a huge space above the cabinets to show off that they didn't have 80's style soffits. They pose a bit of a design conundrum for people, based on how many blog posts and questions online I've seen addressing that area. Do you put anything up there? How much is too much and looks cluttered? How much is too little and looks sad and bare? What about cleaning it? TELL ME WHAT TO DO, INTERNET!!

I went to my local Hobby Lobby back in 2010 and picked up this greenery and a few items, including the rooster, and was pretty happy with it.

Fast forward to 2017 and I was ready for something a little fresher and with no rambling greenery to clean. I went to my trusty HomeGoods store and came home with this.

I took it all down and cleaned the tops of the cabinets.

I didn't even really mind it just blank, to be honest. It felt light and airy.

But I had already invested in this project so I started arranging things. I came up with this:

I lived with it for a few days and realized I wasn't thrilled with it. I took another shopping trip to Marshall's and picked up a few more items to play around with. After a long afternoon of hopping up and down on my countertops, I ended up with my final result which I really was happy with:

Fresh, clean, more updated... Pretty Neat!

However.... I did not realize what I was tampering with here. I asked my sweet Jenna what she thought of my end result, expecting her usual words of encouragement and approval.

"Where's the chicken?", she asked me suspiciously.

"You mean the rooster? Oh, I was kind of tired of that so I took it down."

"WHAT? You can't not have the chicken up there! THAT'S PART OF MY CHILDHOOD!"

Even my gentle Alec, always one of my biggest fans, was shockingly blunt.

"I don't like it," he told me. "I want the chicken back up there."

Michaela grudgingly approved of the change but also pledged her allegiance to the chicken. "Can't you just put it back up there?"

So the chicken's been sitting on our countertop ever since. I can't seem to permanently part with it but really don't want it back up there. And since I'm the mom and am in charge, I say it's not going back up. But whenever I talk about getting rid of it, Jenna covers it's head with her hands and scolds me to not talk that way "in front of the chicken."

Who knew it would be such a big deal?

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