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Backtracking a Bit to Week 1: Kitchen, Part D.

Just a quick post here of a project that happened in the kitchen after the basement pantry was finally done.

After I cleared off the shelving and found all my extra white everyday dishes, I plopped them into a storage room we have in the basement, near Dan's tools and our Christmas tree.

He was not amused. "Your stuff is encroaching on my space" I believe were his exact words. So we came up with a plan to better place these dishes where we would need them: the kitchen.

We thought about putting them in the empty shelves we have above the refrigerator but its just so darn hard to access that space. I nixed that idea. Not functional and they are too heavy to lift out safely.

Our best solution was to clean out a piece of furniture we have in our kitchen, which we as family call (I'm not kidding), "the piece of furniture". Examples: "Where did you put the book I was reading?" "Oh, I put it on the piece of furniture."

"Jenna, I put the wrapped gift for your friend's birthday party on the piece of furniture."

"Has anyone seen the receipt from the store? I thought I put it on the piece of furniture."

It's really a buffet piece with great storage that matches our kitchen table. But it will always be the piece of furniture to us.

The plan was to purchase some new soft-sided dish storage containers (the quilted kind with the zipper closure) from Bed Bath and Beyond, label and place in the piece of furniture. Dan did a great job clearing out our astoundingly weak liquor cabinet and found new homes for the items in the other cabinet (mostly old games, a laptop case, and old decorative pieces for the table.) We installed a new shelf in the cabinet to double our storage space.

Sadly, I have no Before pics as this was just a quick Saturday afternoon project to get the offending plates out of Dan's way. But here are some Afters:

Liquor cabinet side (left) holds the coffee cups and sugar and creamer.

Right side of the cabinet now holds the white small plates, dinner plates, and saucers. I love how the white dish covers pop against the darker wood.

And here's the finished whole piece:

I love this piece of furniture. It's in between the doors of my pantry and the laundry room, which lead to the garage. It's also a great piece to decorate for holidays throughout the year.

A great project finished.

(Except I'm planning on re-organizing one of the big drawers... it never ends!!)

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