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Introducing: Pretty Neat Business Organizing!

Happy Friday! I have an exciting announcement for today- Pretty Neat is expanding into the business world.

Pretty Neat Business Organizing is an extension of my current home organizing service- all the support, advice, and structure now geared for commercial enterprises and home-based businesses.

Pretty Neat Business Organizing has three main areas of focus:

1. Paper management (mail, invoices, filing systems, long term archiving)

2. Public and private space organizing (storage rooms, break rooms, reception areas, waiting rooms, inventory and stock management systems)

3. Refreshing and updating tired spaces.

Being a business owner and understanding the challenges of running a business gives me a unique ability to help others find organizing systems that work so they can focus on what they do best- growing their business.

The process is the same as with residential clients- I start with a consultation during which we identify problem areas and and discuss the client's goals.

We work in four hour sessions to sort, purge and organize spaces and things. If solutions need to be purchased, I have tried-and-true resources to recommend. If the space is a bit outdated or tired looking, I can make suggestions of changes that will make it feel refreshed.

This service is perfect for salons, retail stores, food and beverage retail, and those who run businesses from their homes: landscapers/painters, attorneys, caterers, electricians/plumbers/contractors, direct sales consultants, and anyone who works in an office and has work-related papers, files, and other items scattered at home. Even classroom teachers could use some help wrangling all of their supplies, archives, teaching tools and lesson plans.

If managing your business is taking away precious time, energy and resources, I'd love to help. I can help business owners be more productive and regain a sense of peace and control, just like I have for years with my residential clients.

Check out my new fancy website at to get a sense of what I offer as well as pricing. I won't be blogging on that site but will be updating gallery photos and for sure sharing on this blog any insights that I gain from my business clients. I'll be posting occasionally on a Pretty Neat Business Organizing Facebook page as well.

I'm so happy to be expanding and finally introducing you to what I've been working on for a long time behind the scenes. Let's organize the world, one business and home at a time!

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