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Organizers to Follow Online (Besides Me!)

Happy 2019! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with all the good things in life. I'm super excited for what 2019 has in store for Pretty Neat and I'll be sharing it with all of you in the blog.

If you are looking to get organized, one of the most inspiring things you can do is follow along with organizers on social media. Blogs, Instagram, and Facebook have amazingly talented people showcasing their best problem solving and styling skills. The best ones not only show you what they did, but go into a bit of detail about how a space came together, allowing you to learn with them. You can apply that know-how to your own spaces and get the results you want.

Here, in no particular order, are some organizers that I love to keep up with:

1. The Home Edit (Instagram): @thehomeedit has picture perfect, rainbow themed pictures that are gorgeous. They are a duo out of Nashville who travel to celebrity clients' homes and are establishing teams on both coasts to expand their brand. Their Insta stories are HILARIOUS and very self-deprecating.

Pretty to look at, not very realistic.

2. Simply Organized (Blog/ Instagram): has a beautiful blog that has great pictures and how-to's. Samantha, the owner, uses lots of Container Store elfa closet systems in closets and garages, and has a really light and airy aesthetic. She is worth following on Insta and also reading her blog, which has more behind-the-scenes info.

3. I Heart Organizing (Blog/ Instagram): is an amazing website run by Jennifer Jones, mom of three and DIYer. She has amazing, real-life content about design, organizing, repurposing, and streamlining life. Sadly, she's been offline since last fall but her archives are well worth scrolling through. She gives very clear, step by step instructions for every project.

4. At Home with Nikki (Instagram/ You Tube): @athomewithnikki is a South Carolina- based professional organizer whose kitchen organization video will make you want to rip out your kitchen and everything in it and start from scratch so it looks like hers. Her Under Sink organization is to die for as well, and was 100% copied by me in my own house. Gorgeous without being fussy, she loves blacks, whites and neutrals and has great ideas for being prepared but not cluttered. Her videos about her handbag organization are great as well. I've utilized lots of her ideas with my own home.

5. A Fresh Space (Instagram): @afreshspace has pretty pics and soothing order.

6. Maven Haven (Instagram): @mavenhaven also has lots of pretty pictures to look at.

7. Puka Organizing (Instagram): @pukaorganizing has great ideas for containing your storage spaces. They have a blog, too, but I mostly look at their work on Insta.

8. A Bowl Full of Lemons (Blog/ Instagram): @abowlfulloflemons' Toni Hammersley is a giant in the field of organizing, but isn't a professional organizer. She has written a beautiful book called The Complete Book of Home Organization that features tons of great pictures and descriptions of how to go through every area of your home. She recently moved into a new home, and has mostly leveraged her popularity to get new stuff for the house and give a "review" on her blog, which is a bit annoying but I guess I can't blame her. She hosts a great room by room challenge each year that's fun to follow along and has an active, helpful Facebook group.

9. Clean Mama (Instagram/ Blog): @cleanmama is another giant on the web, but focuses a bit more on cleaning and housekeeping rather than straight organizing. She has a system for rotating tasks each day that I recommend to my own clients. She has a gentle, kind way about her and its well worth checking out her blog for inspiration.

10. Organized Simplicity (Instagram/ Blog): @organized_simplicity has a beautiful feed full of happy, organized spaces. Dreamy.

Check out some of these and let me know if you have others that you love to follow!!

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