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Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning is up and running!

Last spring, a friend of mine hosted a Norwex party in her home. My curiosity was piqued as I had read blogs, Facebook posts, and Insta posts about this cult-like following for everything Norwex. How is it possible to clean your house without chemicals? Was the stuff really that great? Was it actually clean?? I was eager to see what all the fuss was about.

Well, I was so impressed and so was every person at the party. I placed an order (the first of a few) and the wheels started turning in my head... so many of my organizing clients could use a good housecleaner, so many of my clients had children or pets, so many of my clients have chronic illnesses and chemical sensitivities... and here, staring at me in the face, was a way to help meet all these needs in a caring, compassionate, safe way.

I used the products I purchased at my own house. The quality was excellent. The detergent was amazing, the mop was simple and efficient, and the envirocloths changed the way all my surfaces felt- they were clean without any residue, nothing for dust and skin and particles to cling to. Everything stayed clean longer. I was a believer.

Three parties later and I was talking to the consultant about how to join and my idea for launching a cleaning company using all Norwex products.

All throughout January and February, I worked like a dog to hire the right people, buy them the Norwex products they need, design and pull together all the marketing materials, and work out all the contracts, paperwork, insurance, bonding, and logistics.

Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning is up and running!!

I am so proud of what we offer: high quality products being used quickly and efficiently to make your home shine... with no yucky or dangerous smells or fumes that can irritate your eyes, skin, and lungs. Nothing dangerous for crawling babies. Nothing harmful to delicate systems of cats and dogs. Nothing to react to, nothing to worry about.

Seriously... Norwex is so great I built an entire cleaning company around it.

I've updated my website so you can visit the Natural Cleaning page and get all the info. If you are interested in Norwex but can do the cleaning yourself, we can help you there as well... we can give you recommendations on what products we use and deliver it to you.

And here's the best part for me: Last Thursday I had my cleaners clean my own house. I've never had someone clean my house before. It was so wonderful! I felt like a princess!! Rooms were cleaned from top to bottom and they did tasks I haven't done in years, if ever (and we've lived here for almost 9 years).

So, readers, here is my newest baby: Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning! I'm really proud to offer this service to customers who are eager to transform their home to a clean, healthy, safe space for their families. You can click right here to be directed to the Pretty Neat Natural Cleaning page and get more specific information.

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