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Upcoming Workshops- register now!

One of my favorite things to do is teach, and when I combine that with organizing, it's an amazing experience! I love, love, love helping people manage their papers and things and life and passing along the many tried and true methods that I have discovered over the years.

I just updated my website with a slate of workshops for the fall and would love to see you at some- or all!- of them! Here's a quick rundown of what I'm teaching about:

1. Sunday Basket Workshops- These workshops give you all you need to start managing your paper using the Sunday Basket System, developed by Lisa Woodruff. I am a trained and certified Sunday Basket Organizer, and cannot wait to show you the method that changed how I handle the paper that comes into my home. The price includes the system, folders, and handouts.

*This workshop is offered in my home AND online*

2. Sunday Basket Accountability Group- So now you've set up your Sunday Basket... now what? Sign up for these 4 one-hour-long check in sessions on Sunday evenings to get yourself into the routine of working on your Sunday Basket, and get any questions you have about implementing the system answered. This workshop is virtual.

3. Photo Organizing Workshop- Get a daunting project off on the right foot by establishing a plan to follow to organize your photos and memorabilia. This workshop has a handout for you to fill out to guide you so your energy is always moving you forward towards completion. Paper and digital photo organization will be covered. This workshop is virtual and is limited to 5 participants.

4. **NEW** Organizing a Trip to Disney World- If you've never been to the most magical place on Earth, let me help you plan a truly memorable experience! Disney can be overwhelming, expensive, and miserable if you don't plan ahead. Dining, rides, shows, transportation, and resorts will be covered. I have brought my 3 kids to Disney 5 times at all different ages, so I have lots of experience! This workshop is virtual and is for information only- I don't actually book any reservations (but I know someone who can!).

5. **NEW** Paper Organizing Retreat- Start 2020 off right by finally getting your paper under control. This is a 6 hour, in-person retreat at my home in January that will provide the structure you need to make a good dent in your paper organization. Snacks, drinks, and lots of information will be provided. A shredder will be available on site to dispose of confidential information. Clear, easy to follow guidelines will be given on what papers to keep, for how long, and how to best store them. This is a wonderful extension of the Sunday Basket Workshop, but it's not necessary to have a Sunday Basket to attend. This retreat is limited to 5 participants.

So exciting!! I'd LOVE to have you attend one or two or five of my workshops this fall- don't be shy!

Sign up online through my website under the "Events" page.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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