• Cheryl Libutti

6 Tasks for Spring Cleaning and Refreshing Your Front Porch

Here in the Northeast it is expected to reach 72 degrees- the highest the temp has been in 2021! As we all start to come out of not just winter hibernation but a year-long COVID shutdown of our lives, there are a few areas that could use some special attention as we start getting outside and hopefully start having people over to our house again.

The front porch, door, and siding are often neglected spots that could use a little love in the spring. This is a classic spot for cobwebs, dead leaves, debris, and grime to collect, and we probably haven't really spent too much time worrying about it as the only people who've seen our porches are the delivery people bringing our packages. On a nice day, pop in your ear buds and comfy work clothes and choose music or a good podcast to help pass the time. Here's your to-do list:

1. Give the front door a good wipe down with hot soapy water

2. Clean the glass of your sidelights, door windows, and storm door

3. Wipe off the siding next to the front door (you'll be shocked at how much dirt comes off)

4. Sweep off cobwebs from upper walls and corners on your porch

5. Put away winter toys/games/sleds and anything else that has accumulated on the porch but doesn't belong there

6. Sweep all the junk off the porch

Extra credit tasks:

7. Use a leaf blower to clear off your front walk

8. Repaint the front door the same color OR try a new one

9. Get your house professionally power washed

10. Replace a broken or yellowed doorbell

11. Wipe down the inside and outside of your mailbox

12. Repaint the mailbox post

13. Hang a new spring-themed wreath on the door

14. Replace a worn out Welcome mat with a fresh new one

Happy Spring!! And enjoy those first get-togethers!!

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