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Happy September!

Back to school, back to structure, back to some modified activities and meetings, and a beautiful change in weather that signals the slow wind down in the Northeast towards winter. My family and I love fall and it seems that this year there is even more to look forward to as we slowly emerge from a 5 month lockdown. Hopefully, the pandemic has given you a chance to reflect on what you missed most and what you want to put back into your life: what's worth your time, energy, thought, and space to make you the most content and productive you can be.

The changing of the seasons also is a great time to look at some tasks best done now, both for inside and outside our homes. Inside, it's time to look at swapping out the bright, light, breezy clothes of summer for the more subdued earth toned sweaters, jeans (if anyone wears jeans anymore!), jackets, and sweatshirts of fall. Put your summer items away, donating the things you didn't wear and recycling or letting go of items that are stained or worn out. An under-bed plastic tote is a perfect place to store off season clothing.

And don't forget shoes and boots! Put away those flip flops and look at your leather boots and shoes. Do they need a polish or wipe with a damp cloth? It's a great idea to do that task now one evening and know you are ready to go than taking them out when you are running late and find they have scuff marks and look dirty. Maybe now is a good time also to get a new fresh pair of sneakers- why let the kids have all the Back-To-School shopping fun? Lastly, now is a perfect time to take out your hats, mittens, and scarves and give them a good wash before the real late fall chill sneaks in.

Make sure you have plenty of hangers as there is nothing more frustrating than going to hang clothing up and not having any empty one available. Take out and return the wire or metal hangers from the dry-cleaners- they are not a good permanent solution for hanging clothing. Check that your closet has space to breathe and is not holding too much stuff.

Outside, I've put together a suggested list of tasks that will make sure your house looks as beautiful as those changing fall leaves. No need to do every single one, but doing a few will help you feel proud each time you pull up to your home.

September Outdoor Clean Up Items:

  • Plant fall mums

  • Give your front porch a good sweep and cleaning

  • Replace front welcome mat

  • Change out front door wreath

  • Put away summertime outdoor toys

  • Schedule a tune up for the snowblower

  • Clean and refill bird feeders for fall

  • Aerate and overseed your lawn if needed

Lastly, though it seems far in the future, these fall weeks go by so quickly, and Halloween is coming up! I find that I often miss some of the smaller details when late October actually comes, so I put together a fun checklist that hopefully will help you plan out some fun activities and To-Dos for the season. Click on the box at the bottom of the post and download it for yourself!

Hope this has been a helpful list of suggestions to be in better control of your home this fall. These tips were also featured in my new monthly newsletter, so if you like this content, sign up on my website to be added to my newsletter list (look for the light pink signup box). It will include lots of tips and tricks and seasonally-appropriate reminders that I've learned after managing a household for almost 25 years! I'd love to have you join our community!

Happy Fall!!

Halloween Checklist
Download PDF • 5.89MB

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