Home Organization

Kitchens and pantries, home offices, master bedrooms, kids' rooms, playrooms, multipurpose rooms, basements, closets, (bedroom and linen), bathroom cabinets and garages 

Option A:

Slow and Steady

Meet one-on-one with an organizer and go at your own pace.  Maybe we meet once a week, or maybe once every few weeks.  This option is best for people who get overwhelmed easily and/or can only tolerate working on the house for 3 hours at a time due to physical or emotional constraints.  Yes, progress is slower but you feel less rushed and more in control as you watch your spaces transform over time.

Option B:

Whole House Blitz

This option is best for people who want clear, fast, complete change and aren't afraid to have other people do things for them.  A team of organizers and cleaners comes in and restores order to your home. You make decisions with us and guide us how to best organize items based on how you use them. Rooms are left decluttered, organized and cleaned. Sessions last up to 6 hours per day and can be scheduled for multiple consecutive days until we are done.  This option is exciting, results-driven and can quickly transform a home.

Option C:

Complete Home Overhaul

This option is best for people feeling totally overwhelmed with their entire home and are ready to invest in a major change.  Similar to our Whole House blitz, this option goes even more in depth and corrals all of our offerings and expertise for a fully decluttered, organized, containerized, labeled, clean, refreshed, and comfortable home.  

Organizing: Every cabinet, closet, room, pantry, and storage space is organized and completed.  Homes are established for every item in the house and a map is provided for homeowners.  A complete paper management system is set up and implemented for active, accessible and archived papers.  Photographs are gathered and placed in labeled photo boxes. Kid's schoolwork papers are sorted and placed in our personalized keepsake boxes. Arts and crafts supplies are categorized and labeled. Basement and storage areas can also be included; items are purged, containerized and labeled. All donations are hauled away as well as trash.

Cleaning: The home is then completely deep cleaned. We can supply you with our recommended Norwex brand supplies to maintain your home in between cleanings.

Decorating: We then make recommendations for refreshing areas of your home based on client's taste. These suggestions can be discussed with homeowner and then purchased and implemented.  Suggestions can be made about curtains, bedding, art/ pictures, lighting, rugs, bookshelves/ storage pieces, linens, towels, and  decorative pieces like throw pillows, blankets, and baskets.

This is a serious investment into a life-changing service.  Imagine yourself completely unburdened by all the projects you have hanging over your head!


  • $50 in depth consultation fee in which photographs and measurements are taken and problem areas discussed

  • team of five workers for 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the house and contents

  • not necessary for homeowner to be present but should be available via text for purging instructions

  • $1000 deposit at beginning of project; balance due at completion

  • Cost includes hourly rate for organizers, cleaners, all products purchased, Sunday Basket system and Keepsake boxes

Home Staging and Moving

Home staging for a house on the market for sale, purging belongings when downsizing, packing help before a move, unpacking after a move and item placement/ arrangement help

Shopping and Haul Away

I can shop for items you need to organize and complete your space, as well as haul away the stuff you want to trash. I also have a list of agencies that can benefit from your gently used items. These services are billed separately (not included in the hourly rate).

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