The Sunday Basket is a revolutionary system to organize your active papers.  

It is a system that I used to finally free myself from piles of paper building up in my kitchen and office.

Pretty Neat is proud to offer three ways to implement and maintain your Sunday Basket... and some you can do without leaving home!

Pretty Neat Home Organizing is a  Sunday Basket Workshop

Certified Organizer.

Sunday Basket Workshop

Join me in getting all of your lists, to-dos, mail, receipts, bills, statements, and papers sorted, filed and organized once and for all.  This 2 hour workshop introduces you to the Sunday Basket slash pockets, what they are used for, and how to maintain them.


Everything is explained and you will have plenty of time to go through your own piles of papers and ask as many questions as you like!  

If you've been thinking about setting up a "command center" in your house, this is the PERFECT way to start!


Workshop held at my house in Delmar, NY: $100

Workshop includes all the slash pockets, Sunday Basket box (color of your choice), and 2 hours of instruction with a certified Sunday Basket Organizer, free shredding

Virtual: $100

A code is emailed to you and we meet face to face via our computers through the Zoom app.  Items are mailed to you (shipping not included in price). Available dates are listed on my Workshops page.

At your home:  $150

I bring the Sunday Basket materials to you and a shredder for your sensitive information. This can be part of a larger organizing job.  Two hours of my organizing time is used for the Sunday Basket Workshop. Date and time is flexible.

Sunday Basket Club

So now that your papers are organized and you know exactly what you have and where it belongs, what's the next step? MAINTENANCE!  This is the unsexy part of being organized... after the breathtaking reveal is over, how do you live with a system, week in and week out, and keep it functioning as it should?


 I am offering the Sunday Basket Club for this very reason: it's a weekly virtual check in to go through your mail, bills, and papers, sort and file, plan your week ahead, and ask any questions you may have along the way.

This is a weekly 45 minute virtual meeting where you can stay on top of these tasks and gain support from me and your fellow Sunday Basket users.  


At 7pm on Sundays, take 45 minutes to get a jump start on the next week and face Monday morning organized, focused, and with a plan!  


How good does THAT sound?

COST: $30/4 Sunday sessions

Pretty Neat Paper Workshops

... a compliment to your Sunday Basket 

I have developed several fun, interactive workshops on various topics related to paper management.  These hour-long online workshops answer your questions about how long to keep different types of paper, how to manage kids' papers and artwork, establishing binders for less-accessed paperwork, organizing photos, medical record management, and bill paying and budgeting.  


See my schedule for upcoming workshops being offered!

COST: $40 each

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